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Who We Are

Gitty is an innovative startup that has restructured the way sourcing technical talent is conducted using a mix of Github, Linkedin, Social Media, and Automation.We specialize in locating and delivering world-class software engineers, product managers, UI/UX designers, and Engineering Leadership to your front door.

Each of our technical talent sourcers is specifically trained by our internal Software Engineers to utilize our patented AI technology.When combined together, our technology and our team ensures you are always getting top talent.

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We understand diverse recruitment needs and budgets. Our plans offer flexibility, convenience, and cost-efficiency. We give you the best leads every day, every week and every month, proving our expertise as the leading sourcing company for Engineering talent across the US over the last 3 years.



500 leads per month - $2500 per month


1000 leads per month $5000 per month


1500 leads per month - $7500 per month


2000+ leads per month
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Why Startups Choose Us?

We combine technology with highly trained technical experts to meet your needs.
Our Talent Hacking strategies help you find candidates other firms can't.
Competitive pricing that saves you money.

What We Offer

Three different packages to choose from (please see pricing for more details).
Full contact information of candidates who are ready to be contacted.
Our sourcing experts who are passionate and diligent about positively impacting your business.
Access to our easy to use Applicant Tracking System, fully stocked with world-class talent.
Publish latest news & articles about your company on our website.

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Return on Investment
ROI is trending at 4x higher than any other platform, a testimony to our technology and capability.
We use tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to match your requirements with the ideal candidate, thereby offering a perfect fit.
Periodic Alerts
We provide periodic alerts to keep you up-to-date with new leads and matches as well.
We find the needle in the haystack for you, by scouring through our exhaustive database of top-notch developers.
Cost effective
Our aim is to make Hiring cost-effective and economical, so that your resources are put to optimal use.
Quick turnaround
Gitty™ shortens the hiring process considerably, so that you can hire the best talent in the market in the least possible time.

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